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10 Million Futures

Irise / 10 Million Futures

We risk losing the futures of millions of adolescent girls and young women if we do not act now.


Million girls

are at risk of dropping out of school


Million girls

are at risk of becoming child brides


Million women and girls

are at risk of experiencing unwanted pregnancies

(Source: Malala FundUNESCO & UNFPA)

The coronavirus pandemic has forced existing gender inequalities into crisis.


The last decade of progress and investment in the lives of girls is at risk of being lost for good, along with the broader health and economic benefits of women’s empowerment.


Young women and girls who were thriving are now struggling to meet their basic needs and face the prospect of never returning to school. Many will face child marriage or be forced into transactional sex to survive putting them at increased risk of teenage pregnancy and gender based violence. 


Let’s build up, stand up and rise up to protect 10 million futures.

We’re fundraising for 10 Million Futures! Will you join us?

10 Million Futures Needs Assessment Report

We must fight with girls for their futures. By acting now we can get girls back into school and enable them to realise their full potential.

Join our campaign


Help a girl back into school. Buy a T-shirt or Tote from our shop. Every item you buy supports a girl back to school with the supplies she needs to thrive. 

Raise your voice. Join our social media campaign and share a photo of you wearing your T-shirt with the hashtag #10MillionFutures. You can also download our social media toolkit and stand-up for #10MillionFutures. 

Become a long-term ally. Sign-up as regular donor and you’ll receive your #10MillionFutures advocacy pack and get updates on how you’re protecting 10 Million Futures. 

Become a long-term ally


Join the movement and protect 10 million futures. You’ll receive a #10MillionFutures advocacy pack with updates on how you’re protecting the futures of young women & girls.

£5 a month

empowers a girl with the pads and information she needs to be in school during her period.

£10 a month

supports a girls club to keep every girl in school through mentorship and safeguarding.

£25 a month

enables young women and girls to become leaders and advocate for their rights.