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The Period Equality Network

Irise / The Period Equality Network


Championing grassroots action to improve menstrual health in East Africa.

A community for those working on grassroots period equality initiatives in East Africa and beyond. TPEN provides a space where grassroots organisations and those working with them can share resources & learning, access training, and be part of an active community to support their work and advocacy.

Become a member of The Period Equality Network.

We provide the tools and resources to support grassroots menstrual health initiatives.

If you’re an East African led and registered group or organisation working to end period poverty, shame and inequality you can formally register with IIEA and receive tailored support, capacity building, small grant opportunities and avenues to engage in collective advocacy and leadership.

If you’re an individual or organisation who wishes to support the East African, grassroots movement or who are already partnering with East African organisations to improve menstrual health you can support the leadership and priorities of the grassroots movement. Register with Irise International and offer your technical expertise to the grassroots movement via training and capacity building. You will also gain access to conferences, workshops and other spaces where you can share learning and work with TPEN members to deliver effective menstrual health programmes and advocacy.

    Join the global menstrual health online community.

    If you're working on menstrual health anywhere in the world become part of the online community to connect, share and learn from other grassroots initiatives.

    Resources and Learning.

    Download our latest reports and resources to support your initiatives.

    Community Readiness to Change Handbook
    This resource is a step by step guide to enabling community-led behaviour and social norm change to end period poverty and shame.
    Funder Assessment Framework
    This framework is based on a review of the available evidence, including research, evaluation reports and technical and lived experience expertise. It outlines the components of effective menstrual health programming in East Africa and beyond.
    Evaluation Toolkit
    This toolkit provides a selection of tried and tested tools to monitor and assess the impact of menstrual health programmes with a ready made dashboard and training video to get your started. The form is available for free but we ask people to share data with us so we can help others learn now to build better programmes. Complete this short form and we’ll be in touch to get you started. 

      Menstrual Health Education Toolkit

      To download a copy of our menstrual health education toolkit, please complete the form below:

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