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Empower Period UK

Irise / Empower Period UK

Put your passion into action and help end period shame within a generation in the UK.

The Problem



Negative perceptions of menstruation cause those who have periods to experience stigma, causing exclusion and isolation



Menstrual stigma causes those who have periods to feel shame and embarrassment, lowering their confidence and self-esteem

Limits Potential


Experiencing menstrual stigma and shame limits those with periods from realising their full potential

Period Inequality


People with periods are not free to live the lives they choose to live

The Solution

Join the Movement


Join the Irise Advocacy Network and act with Empower Period. Speak out and share your menstrual story.

Lead Change


Receive training with Irise and become a leader for positive social change

Empower Others


Transform your community into a period positive environment and advocate nationally for period equality

End Period Shame


People with periods live their lives free from period shame

Join Empower Period

Act now and end period shame for good

By joining the Empower Period Network, you’ll be joining a community of passionate, young advocates and allies in the UK working towards ending period poverty and shame. 

As well as being able to connect with other advocates, you will have access to free resources including educational and fundraising materials and free external training opportunities. You will receive direct support from our team to develop your advocacy and personal development, and leadership opportunities within national campaigns and projects to further your ability to lead your community and country to period equality.

*Please note: you must be based in the UK

    The Empower Period Forum

    Advocating for change.

    Are you passionate about advocating for period equality? The Empower Period Forum is a growing collective of young advocates who are campaigning for national change on period poverty & shame in the UK.



    Find Out More


    Find Out More

    Empower Period Podcast 1 – Menstruation and Invisible Disability

    Empower Period Podcast founders Acushla Young (Irise International’s Advocacy Coordinator) and Dr Maria Tomlinson (Professor at the University of Sheffield), chat with special guest Pippa Line about her experience of managing periods alongside chronic illness.

    Period Stories

    Share your story to help smash the silence and end the shame.

    Irise Voices

    Our advocates share why they're building a movement to end period shame.

    "Being able to support Irise has not only empowered myself and people that attend our events but also allowed me to help tackle a crises that can not simply be ignored.”

    Josh - Volunteer

    "Irise is the first community I have been a part of where I have felt completely open talking about periods; the supportive culture has provided me with an important safe space to break down my own internalised menstrual stigma."

    Sophie - Advocacy Trustee

    "I'm working with Irise to fight the stigma and taboo around periods because if people were more open to talking about periods when I was at school I wouldn't have been so worried! ”

    Lizzie - Agent of Change

    "After learning and understanding menstruation with Irise, all I wanted to do was to let people know that it is something to be proud of not to be ashamed."

    Sam - Ugandan advocate