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Your Day. My Future

Irise / Your Day. My Future

Adolescent girls like Grace, in Uganda, and Ella, in the UK, are struggling to access the food, toiletries and menstrual products they need to focus on their studies.

“If we get help, many of us would go back to school, and we can achieve our dreams and become future leaders.” – Grace, Ugandan schoolgirl

This Day of the Girl, we’re inviting supporters to invest their day in girls’ futures by donating their shift to help more girls realise their full potential.

You can get involved by donating the equivalent of your daily earnings on Day of the Girl and sharing the opportunity with your colleagues to encourage them to do the same. If you’re unable to donate your day, consider donating the cost of a daily coffee, or if you’re working from home the cost of your daily commute.

Grace and Ella both know that education is their opportunity to build a better life for themselves, enabling them to get a good job and help their communities recover from the pandemic and thrive. Sadly, being a girl keeps holding them back, particularly every month, when due to poverty and disadvantage, they struggle to access the products, support and information they need to stay in school during their periods. They often feel, alone, powerless, and afraid of what the future will hold.

Irise is helping girls like Grace and Ella overcome the challenges they face through providing them with sustainable, reusable menstrual products and other essentials, alongside education and mentorship programmes to build their confidence. Your donation will enable them to thrive.

Just £5 ends period poverty for good by providing girls and people with periods with sustainable, environmentally friendly menstrual products.

£20 supports an educator to end period shame for 30 girls

£50 provides leadership training to a marginalised young woman so she can support other girls in her community.

Celebrate with us on the Day!

Join our CEO, Emily Wilson, on International Day of the Girl (11th October 6-7pm BST) at our virtual event #YourDayMyFuture as she speaks with young women from the UK and Uganda about their advocacy work and how Irise is making a difference to girls’ futures.