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Women in Lockdown

Irise / Women in Lockdown

Share your Lockdown Story- make women visible.

We’re concerned that around the world women and girls have been largely invisible in the Coronavirus response despite facing a disproportionate burden due to lock down measures.

Many will be feeling powerless and isolated as they face increasing burdens of unpaid care due to the closures of schools and nurseries. Some will be at increased risk of infection through informal caring responsibilities or via delivering essential services in the most insecure and underpaid roles. We know that many are suffering in silence as they face lock down with an abuser. The sense of being forgotten is only accentuated as gender specific needs like menstrual products or reproductive health services are forgotten or deprioritized.

We invite you to take back power and make your voice heard through sharing your story with us.

You can share it publicly with the hashtag #womeninlockdown or privately with [email protected]

We will use your stories to make women’s needs visible and advocate for a more gender sensitive response to the Coronavirus emergency. We can choose to protect women’s rights even as we respond to this unprecedented emergency.

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