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Period Equality Network Resources

The Period Equality Network (TPEN) is a community for those working on grassroots period equality initiatives in East Africa and beyond hosted by Irise. Click the button below to find out more about TPEN or to join the network. Scroll down to access resources developed by the network to help organisations of all sizes to deliver more effective period equality programmes.


View the latest reports from the Period Equality Network

The Power of Working Together

An impact evaluation of the first two years of TPEN, outlining outcomes, lessons learnt, and impact.

Measuring Collective Impact

A learning brief based on the experience of TPEN partners exploring ways to better measure our impact together.

Centring Lived Experience

A learning brief based on experience from TPEN about how to make menstrual health initiatives more inclusive of all.

Pathways to Sustainable Change

A learning brief based on experiences from TPEN exploring ways to integrate menstrual health initiatives into existing infrastructure.

Community-led Holistic Solutions

A learning brief based on experiences from TPEN exploring how to deliver evidence based community menstrual health interventions.


View and download resources developed by Irise and TPEN members

Evaluation toolkit

Funder Assessment Framework

Further resources are available from our research and resources Library. Click the button below to visit the library.