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Menstrual Health

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We’re campaigning for better menstrual healthcare as part of The Pledge For Period Equality.

After numerous consultations with over 100 young people across the UK about their experiences, desires and needs when it comes to menstruation, the results were overwhelmingly clear: young people are experiencing a lack of adequate care when it came to their menstrual health. That’s why the Empower Period Forum are campaigning to improve menstrual health services.  

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with periods. We are taught the absolute bare minimum at school and the education system/working environments are not designed to support people who menstruate. Nobody warned me of the horrific mood swings/low mood, fatigue, joint pain, acne, days spent in bed, headaches that I experienced for the majority of each month, and no one explained the medical options that are available to help. I went to my GP hoping for them to help me and I was turned away and told to read a website by myself. 

No one discusses the side effects, risks, dangers, impacts of contraception , which to some can be even more distressing than the symptoms of menstruation in the first place. 

All this, and we as people who menstruate have to silently carry all of this on our shoulders and refrain from ever talking about it because it is seen as a ‘taboo’ and ‘gross’ topic. I think there should be better education and better access to medical (and non-medical) help, and we should talk about it more to help end the stigma!” – Feiya

Young menstrual health patients have designed the resources they wished they had and have shared their ideas with doctors and researchers.



Hear the experiences of young people with menstrual health conditions across the UK

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