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Pledge for Period Equality

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Join our campaign to end the cycle of disadvantage created by period poverty, shame and inequality.

The Empower Period Forum are calling for action to realise the current government’s vision of ending period poverty and shame in the UK by 2025. We’re asking politicians, healthcare and education providers and charities working with young people to support the principles of The Pledge for Period Equality Manifesto in their work.

Our Goals:

1. Increase access to high quality menstrual health education

2. Increase access to high quality health services for menstrual health related issues

Irise research and youth-led consultations with young people across the UK has shown that period poverty and shame are only getting worse and that young people affected by the issue feel powerless and unheard.

The Manifesto for Period Equality

We believe that by our local communities, wider society, institutions and Government adopting the Empower Period Forum Manifesto on a national level, we can end period poverty and shame by 2025 in line with the UK Government’s vision.

Endorse the Manifesto

Join the movement as we launch our educational resources and tools to improve menstrual health services that will end the cycle of disadvantage.

If you’re an organisation or politician that supports young people, you can endorse the Pledge for Period Equality Manifesto and make a commitment to put the voices, priorities and leadership of young people at the heart of work to end period poverty and shame in the UK.

Please note: to endorse, you or your organisation must be working in the UK.

If you’re a healthcare professional or an educator let us know and we’ll be in touch with how you can support the campaign! 

If you’re a young person or an ally, you can help us deliver this campaign. You’ll be joining The Empower Period Network, a community of young advocates across the UK who are leading the campaign. 

    By registering your information, you consent to being contacted about this campaign.

    Support Us

    We need your help to ensure young people have their voices heard in the movement to end period poverty and shame.


    ends period poverty for a vulnerable person by providing them with sustainable, environmentally friendly period pants.



    enables a peer educator to end period shame for 30 girls.


    provides leadership training to a marginalised young woman so she can realise period equality in her community.