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The Irise Support Page

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Welcome to the Irise Support Page


The last few months have been incredibly difficult for many people. If you are struggling and need support, take a look at the help and services available below. Whatever it is you are going through, you are not alone and help is available.

Support over Christmas

Where can I access free period products in South Yorkshire?

We currently supply free period products to:
– Sharrow Community Forum –
– Voluntary Action Sheffield –
– Netheredge and Sharrow Foodbank –
– SOAR Sheffield –
Please email [email protected] if you would like to stock free period products at your organisation.


Learn about Periods and Puberty

Do you want to learn about your body and the changes that will happen as you grow into an adult? Do you want to know more about your period? Download this free menstrual education booklet now (suitable for all ages).

Talk to Others About Periods and Puberty

Do you want to empower others with knowledge on periods and puberty to enable them to make informed decisions about their bodies? Download our free education resource to find out how to talk to others about menstruation.

Download our free Period Stigma Busting Worksheets!

 Work through the activities and get creative, whilst dismantling menstrual stigma and taboo! We have one worksheet for people who have periods, and another for those who do not have periods.

Other Support From External Organisations

Your body is yours and yours alone. Click the icon above to find out more from Brook about your body, its parts and processes and how to take care of it.

To find out more about your sexual health and what services are currently available to you, click the icon above to be directed to NHS resources.

Abuse can happen to anyone. To find out what the signs of abuse are and how to get support, click the icon above to access the NHS domestic abuse support.

Click the icon above to find out more from Brook on how you can nurture your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline to get free support 0808 2000 247


If you are in an existing emergency and/or at risk of immediate abuse, call 999