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Slide to realise period equality for everyone Building a global framework to adress the root causes Irise creates change across 3 levels Data and dialogue Structures and Stereotypes Transforming the experiences of young people with periods Perceptions and Practices Creating a supportive local, national and international community

30% are using dirty, improvised materials Find Out More In Uganda 80% of girls don't have the basic facts about their bodies Over half are missing school every month

1 in 10 girls can't afford menstrual products Find Out More In the UK 1 in 7 girls don't know what's happening when they start their period 1 in 5 girls are bullied because of their periods

Slide & gender sensitive facilities The problem periods and menstrual health surrounding periods Lack of information about Stigma and discrimination Inequality Less control Less choice Period Limited access to products school and work Less able to live the life they choose because of periods Disempowered and alone More vulnerable to Teenage pregnancy & STIs Transactional sex Urogenital infections Missing out on Silent and ashamed The toxic trio The impact Less confidence Less confidence Slide The solution Impact menstrual education for all social norms about periods Empowering, evidence based Transforming negative More confidence Equality More control More choice Period Accessing a choice of sustainable More able to live the life they choose by their period and advocate for others own body and health Able to realise full potential Empowered to lead products & gender sensitive facilities - no one held back Enabled to make decisions about Holistic support

Become a Period Buddy- transform lives

With your support we can enable every young person to realise their potential, unlimited by their period.

Invest in realising period equality for everyone.

Just £10/month enables a young person to access the menstrual products and information they need to stay happy and healthy throughout their school career and beyond.

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"Being able to support Irise has not only empowered myself and people that attend our events but also allowed me to help tackle a crises that can not simply be ignored.”

Josh - Volunteer

"Irise is the first community I have been a part of where I have felt completely open talking about periods; the supportive culture has provided me with an important safe space to break down my own internalised menstrual stigma."

Sophie - Advocacy Trustee

"I'm working with Irise to fight the stigma and taboo around periods because if people were more open to talking about periods when I was at school I wouldn't have been so worried! ”

Lizzie - Agent of Change

"I did not want to be with my friends, I would sit alone, but since Irise came and taught us, I feel free, I be with my friends”

Lukia - Ugandan Schoolgirl

"After learning and understanding menstruation with Irise, all I wanted to do was to let people know that it is something to be proud of not to be ashamed."

Sam - Ugandan advocate