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Periods In A Pandemic

Irise / Periods In A Pandemic

Throughout 2020, as part of their masters dissertations, two Empower Period members researched the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on period equality in the UK. This briefing summarises their research and key findings, highlighting the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on people with periods.

Chloe McGuinness: How has the power and control of women and girls been affected by the COVID-19 crisis? A study into the impact of lockdown measures on women and menstruation in the UK.

Ellie Edon: The Political Economy of Menstrual Inequalities: A Critical Analysis of the Period Policy Landscape in the United Kingdom. Research interlinking two key issues: the political economy, and the lived realities of menstrual inequalities and period advocacy.

Join us for a lunchtime session with Chloe McGuinness!

Join us on Friday 9th April 12.30pm-1pm (BST) with Chloe for a lunchtime session dissemination. You’ll get to learn more about the impact of COVID on period equality in the UK and more about her findings.

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