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Our Coronavirus Response in Uganda

Irise / Our Coronavirus Response in Uganda

Women’s Voices

Many of the women we work with in Uganda are sharing their stories of lock down and asking for help from the Irise community.

One lady shared this photo of lock down with her younger children. She doesn’t know where her older girls, aged 14 and 15, are- she hasn’t seen them since the lockdown was suddenly put into place. They are running out of food. She had a small stall for selling fresh produce but hasn’t been able to open it due to the lockdown and with no means of public transport she won’t even be able to re-stock.

Some have shared videos with us. We are sharing them with you because their voices need to be heard so we can take urgent action.

Our Response

We’re working closely with local government to provide support to these women and their households.


We’re providing women with basic necessities including food and menstrual pads.


We’re protecting women through providing hand sanitiser and accurate information about the pandemic. We’re also working with local government to help women who need to escape domestic abuse.


We’re supporting women to take back power by sharing their stories and experiences to advocate for more support for themselves and their communities.

Just £5 enables us to reach another woman and her family with an urgent support package.