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Menstrual Justice For All

Irise / Menstrual Justice For All

Call to Action to accelerate Menstrual Justice For All by 2030

At Women Deliver 2023, over 100 young leaders, civil society organizations, researchers, policy makers, and advocates working on menstrual health came together with a shared mission: to take urgent and collective action, ensuring the critical progress made on gender equality keeps moving forward. Our goal is to catalyse rapid and meaningful advancements in the years ahead.

The Call

We Call For:

1. Recognition of and investment in menstrual health as a catalytic lever for change

2. Adoption of a feminist lens in policies, programming, and financing related to gender equality

3. An integrated approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights that positions menstrual health

4. Centering the voices of lived menstrual experiences in all programs and policies.

5. Inclusion of all people in conversations and initiatives to end menstrual injustice

6. Increased investments in grassroots movements

7. Increased efforts and investment in creating space for building collective power

8. Expanded efforts to undertake coordinated global, national, and local progress tracking of the components of menstrual health


This is a joint initiative by The Global Menstrual Collective, Irise International, and Irise Institute East Africa.

For further information, please contact:

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