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The Coronavirus crisis is rapidly evolving into a girls’ rights crisis as their fundamental dignity and right to safety is put at risk.

Take action now by fundraising at home.

Our Empower Period campaign will end period shame in the UK and East Africa by 2025. Its led and driven by passionate people like you taking action in their own community.

Upcoming Events

We've got an exciting calendar of events for you to get stuck into. From fundraising challenges to training workshops we've got you covered.

*We have postponed our Period Expedition and Empower Period Conference because of COVID-19 BUT our work is not hold. Read more about our Coronavirus response here. If you’d like to get involved in our remote training, support and campaigning email [email protected] Make sure you are following us on social media for regular updates.* 

Latest News

Read more about the amazing achievements of our network.

Our Advocacy Network

Not sure where to start? Sign-up to our Advocacy network and we'll keep you up to speed on the latest events and opportunities.

By signing up you’re letting us know you want to start your Irise journey. We’ll send you information about how to get more involved, including the Irregular Periodical featuring highlights from the campaign. By joining our community you’ll become an Agent of Change, working with others to build a movement that will transform social norms forever.

Irise Voices

Members of our network share why they're passionate about ending period shame.

"Being able to support Irise has not only empowered myself and people that attend our events but also allowed me to help tackle a crises that can not simply be ignored.”

Josh - Volunteer

"Irise is the first community I have been a part of where I have felt completely open talking about periods; the supportive culture has provided me with an important safe space to break down my own internalised menstrual stigma."

Sophie - Advocacy Trustee

"I'm working with Irise to fight the stigma and taboo around periods because if people were more open to talking about periods when I was at school I wouldn't have been so worried! ”

Lizzie - Agent of Change

"After learning and understanding menstruation with Irise, all I wanted to do was to let people know that it is something to be proud of not to be ashamed."

Sam - Ugandan advocate