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Irise / Gina Dorothea – “Vanessa”

Gina Dorothea – “Vanessa”


Dimensions: 29.7cm x (A3)/Framed (Black)

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Loving the strong,  powerful, feminine beauty in yourself and all womxn everywhere is vital to unite womxn, especially in a world where comparison and competition based on appearance can be so detrimental to one’s own self-esteem.”


Newly established artist Gina Dorothea explores feminine beauty for the female gaze. Predominantly working with digital art, she also uses acrylic and pencil mediums. The female form is the subject of most of her work, captured in casual, every day poses, to exhibit the natural elegance of femininity. Gina uses a color palette of nudes, reds and pinks, to represent the feminine’s innate softness with a subtly sexy, and powerful side. Her work encourages womxn to seek out these feminine parts in themselves and appreciate their own, as well as other women’s, innate beauty.

Dimensions: 29.7cm x (A3)/Framed (Black)