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Our Coronavirus Response in the UK

Irise / Our Coronavirus Response in the UK

Our Empower Period Network are working together to provide for, protect and restore power to the most vulnerable women and girls.


You can be part of the movement.

Join our regular Empower Period Training Webinars to develop the skills you need to action in your community and beyond.

Empower Period Webinar 1: Getting Started


Find out how you can assess the need in your community and identify positive actions you can take during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our wonderful blogger and Advocacy Network Social Media Voice, Izzy, shares how you can take action in your own community.

“With help being harder to access than ever before, I want to inspire change and show how you can help if you have the ability….”

Join our online exercise challenge #SitUpForSisters

1. Film yourself doing 10 sit-ups and post it on your social media along with a copy of this information

2. Tag 3 of your friends to do the same and link our donation page

3. Donate to the coronavirus emergency response at Irise and SIT UP FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN.

Why not donate the cost of your monthly gym membership? Any amount, no matter how small, will help us reach more women and girls.



Download our Helping Hand and stick it in your window to help women experiencing abuse access the support they need.

How the funds you raise will support women and girls in the UK…


Ensuring Provision


We’re starting in Sheffield where we’re working with the local council and other local partners to provide women and girls with menstrual products.


Providing Protection


We’re creating tailored information packs, providing women and girls with details about how to access more support, well being and resilience resources and education materials about puberty and periods for young people not in school.


Restoring Power


We’re enabling people to take action by joining our campaign, sharing their experiences of lock down and getting support through our online community.

Just £10 enables us to reach another woman or girl with an Empowerment Pack containing the resources she needs to experience Lock Down with dignity.