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Consultancy and Learning

Irise / Consultancy and Learning

We enable you to develop and deliver impactful menstrual health programmes and policies.

Our team are experts in menstrual health. We've been working with communities, academics and policymakers for nearly a decade to develop effective solutions to the challenges people experience during their periods.

Our extensive experience includes:

  • Developing a period friendly school package for Ugandan schools and supporting over 100 organisations to use our approach
  • Delivering randomised control trials to test the impact of menstrual health interventions on girls’s school engagement with the University of Sheffield
  • Contributing to national standards for reusable products in Uganda
  • Working with John Hopkins University to develop the first tool to measure menstrual experiences
  • Co-convening the Evidence and Data Workstream of the UK government’s Period Poverty Task Force
  • Working the Ugandan government to develop menstrual health policy and training resources
  • Adapting a model of social norm change and community leadership to ending period shame in the UK and Uganda

The Period Equality Network

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Supporting grassroots action for period equality

Are you a grassroots organisation or individual working on period equality? The Period Equality Network is a global community to connect, share learning and training for grassroots action for menstrual health.

Get in touch- we can help.

We're committed to making our learning available and accessible which is why so many of our resources can be downloaded for free. We also offer up to an hour of free consultation with a member of our senior team to help you explore how to make your important work on menstrual health as evidence based and effective as possible. Fill in the short form below and we'll be in touch to arrange a call.

We can help you:

  • Design and evaluate menstrual health programmes
  • Design and deliver training and capacity building
  • Design and implement research
  • Develop policy

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    Access our library of resources and reports. We're dedicated to practice that is rooted in the best available evidence and the needs and experiences of people with periods.


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    Latest News

    Read about our latest research, advocacy and policy work. We work across sectors, bringing together different perspectives and approaches so that we can address the root causes of period equality and deliver sustainable change.

    "Irise have always been as helpful as they are generous in sharing their substantial expertise to support the development of Dig Deep and our government partner's Menstrual Hygiene Management programme in Kenya."

    Ben Skelton - CEO of Dig Deep

    "From the start of my collaboration with Irise I have been impressed in that they do not just wish to help school girls but they wish to quantify the effect of what they do. This increases the impact of their work beyond the immediate girls who they assist and is a real strength of the charity."

    Steven Julious - Professor of Statistics

    "Irise are a world leader in menstrual health research and programming. Their integrity, evidence-based approach and genuine passion are the foundations of their work and I'm privileged to partner with them on a range of exciting projects."

    Dr Dani Barrington - Menstrual Health Researcher

    "Using Irise International’s menstrual education material, we were able to speak with the community about menstruation. I was so happy to share this with them and to empower them to escape the fear and worry that used to come with every period.”

    Joannie - Irise Trustee