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The Big Give 2021 – Nakakande’s Message

Nakakande is a bright 15 year old school girl. Her mum works as a tailor and her father worked as a driver until he lost his job as a result of the pandemic. The little work Nakakande’s mum was able to find during the pandemic was used to sustain the family. Nakakande explained the impact of the pandemic: 

I stopped going to school because of the pandemic. We also stopped going to churches and mosques. My father is a driver but because of the pandemic he lost his job. My mum is a tailor so she continued with her work at home but still there were no customers so the little she could get helped sustain the family. Part of my family left home because the COVID numbers were high and there was no support and we sometimes went without food. Managing my period was a big challenge and I had to use clothes.”

Irise quickly stepped in and supported Nakakande with food, pads, school supplies and menstrual management education. 

“The pads helped me because I stopped using clothes and […] started using the reusable pads […] which helped me even to return to school. I didn’t have enough books and pens but since Irise gave us [books] I became more comfortable with my studies until I finished my P7 (final year of primary school) final exams.”

Nakakande shared a final message for Irise supporters:

“I would love you to support me with school fees, shoes, school bag and scholastic materials for joining S.1. (first year of secondary school).”

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