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Irise / East Africa Work  / Irise Global Strategic Framework: A world where a female body is not a disadvantage

Irise Global Strategic Framework: A world where a female body is not a disadvantage

“Period Equality means a world where having a female body does not hold you back from realising your full potential.”

Irise’s Global Strategic Framework sets out our latest strategy to meet the global campaign to end period poverty and shame globally by 2030.

We know that period equality requires better: 

  • Provision: by increasing access to products, facilities or services that improve the opportunity, health and wellbeing of those affected by period inequality. 
  • Protection: by eliminating harms that result from having a female body and ultimately eradicating the harmful stigma and social norms that surround the female body. 
  • Power: by enabling diverse, female leadership so those affected by period inequality can restructure their communities and societies to realise period equality for all.


That’s why we are going to accelerate progress through:

  1. Building up
    • We will equip civil society and the grassroots with the frameworks, tools and data required to hold local and national governments, international stakeholders and the menstrual movement to account for ending period poverty and shame by 2030.
  2. Standing Up
    • We will bring together the grassroots and youth led movements across the contexts where we work enabling them to advocate together for the changes they need.
  3. Rising Up
    • We will develop and deliver programmes that realise meaningful change in the lives of those affected by period inequality and harness our learning to enable others to do the same.

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