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This week, the Irise Advocacy Network have launched our new initiative, #TheHelpingHand

People up and down the country are displaying pictures of a hand with the National domestic abuse helpline in the palm in their windows, with the hashtag #TheHelpingHand to ensure that anyone suffering from domestic violence in their community knows there is support available, and they are not alone.

A survey conducted this month found that over 1 in 3 British women have experienced domestic violence.

At least 16 domestic abuse killings of women and children have occurred in the UK since lockdown. This is the largest number of killings in a three-week period for a decade.

Advocacy committee member Lizzie led the development of this campaign, she said:

“#TheHelpingHand was inspired by the rainbows people are displaying in their windows to create a sense of unity and togetherness during the COVID-19 pandemic. By displaying something on your window in a time like this where we can’t socialise with others creates a powerful message to reach out to passers by to say we are here and we are in this together.” – Lizzie

It is important to remember that lockdown doesn’t create abusers; lockdown is showing us the existing unprecedented levels of abuse vulnerable women have always been living with, with their consequences exacerbated by having to stay at home at all times during lockdown.
“I felt acutely aware of the increase in cases of domestic violence during this time, with people isolating with their abusers. The hand came with the idea, like the rainbows, that lots of people would see the hand in a window with the national domestic violence helpline and want to recreate this in their own homes. This would then hopefully mean that the helpline number would be displayed in many places, across the UK, hopefully to be seen by someone who needs it. As well as this, it would create a sense of ‘you are not alone’ to people affected by domestic violence.” – Lizzie

We invite you to join us and display #TheHelpingHand in your window, either use our template, or draw around your own hand and put the national domestic abuse helpline number in the palm, and stick it in your window for passers by to see.

“If just one persons walks past #TheHelpingHand on someone’s window and calls the helpline for assistance or even feels less alone in their experience then it will be a success.” – Lizzie

National domestic abuse helpline: 0808 2000 247

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