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Irise / Advocacy Network  / Meet Irise graphic design volunteer – Sadie Chandler

Meet Irise graphic design volunteer – Sadie Chandler

Graphics are a crucial part of any charity organisation, they allow for the charity’s story to be told and be recognised globally through one simple image that captures the essence of what the organisation stands for and who they represent.

We want to introduce you to Sadie Chandler, an Irise volunteer who used her skills as a graphic designer to produce some fantastic images for our coronavirus emergency appeal fundraisers, and our new Empower Period Podcasts.

This is what she said:

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

I’m originally from the north east and now reside in South Yorkshire.

What is your professional background and current position?

I am qualified in creative media, which covers anything from radio & film production to more traditional art and design. I currently focus on graphics, illustration, and painting, working freelance and for non profits such as Irise. I will be starting further studies in Art & Design from (hopefully!) September.

Why did you want to work with Irise? 

I care a great deal about the wellbeing of women and girls across the world, especially those who are often forgotten and/or marginalised. Period poverty in particular is an absolute travesty, women and girls shouldn’t have to be unsafe, humiliated, and unhygienic because of a natural part of being female. It’s essential that women and girls in developing countries are given the support they need, but equally as important that those in developed countries get help too. We should all have the ability to work, get educated, and go about our daily lives every day of every month, not just three weeks of every month! I’m also physically disabled, and have witnessed the inequality and apathy towards women’s health and bodily functions – which leaves me even more passionate about Irise’s goals!

What inspired your designs for us? 

The design for the COVID appeal was based on the venus/female symbol, to make sure women and girls are at the forefront, and the “I” in “virus” is a tampon, to once again remind people that although the campaign is for Coronavirus, period poverty is still an issue that needs support.

As for the Empower Period podcast, the design was based on a tampon with headphones to signify the subjects discussed in the podcast. The wire from the headphones becomes the tampon’s string, visualising the connection between the topic and the podcast. A menstrual cup was also made into a microphone, both this and the tampon have visible blood, which I think is important for breaking taboos – which fits well with the tagline “Transforming taboo into talk”. We decided to have more of a rough, edgy vibe with the brush strokes, to appeal to the younger target audience. Irise’s colour scheme was used throughout all of these designs to keep a strong identity.

Which of your designs for Irise are your favourite and why?

Hmm, it’s hard to decide a favourite! I really love the sleek and simple look of the coronavirus design, I think its succinct and gets the point across well – but I also love the sketchy and more detailed work on the tampon and menstrual cup! I think they both appeal to their target audiences, which is due to having great communication throughout with Irise.



We want to say a HUGE thank you to Sadie for her incredible work for Irise. Check out her wonderful designs on instagram at @coffeecatsandcacti


– Written by Irise volunteer Kristen and advocacy coordinator Acushla

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