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The Coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the inequalities that exist in societies across the
world. But it has also brought to light the importance of community, how interconnected
we are, and why the wellbeing of one impacts the wellbeing of all. This is why people across
the nation and beyond are coming together to #SitUpForSisters – because the violation of
one woman’s rights, is a violation on all women’s rights.

Women and girl’s rights to health and safety are being threatened as a consequence of the
pandemic. For many, the term “safe at home” is not a truth; facing lockdown with their
abusers, staying at home means being victim to sexual, physical and emotional violence.
With calls to domestic abuse helplines in the UK increasing by 25% in recent weeks.

Access to period products, contraception and reproductive services are limited, adding
indignity and loss of fertility control to an already overwhelming situation.
Women also face a disproportionate burden of care, exposing themselves to the virus whilst
tending to their family and community.

In light of this, Irise decided to launch an emergency appeal to support the most vulnerable
women and girls across the UK and Uganda. #SitUpForSisters challenges you to share the
message of the pandemic’s impact on women and girls alongside a video of yourself doing
10 sit-ups, tag 3 friends to do the same, and donate to the emergency response.

Within just 10 days of launching the campaign, people have already come together to raise a
total of £854 to support the rights of women and girls. #SitUpForSisters continues to
spread, as people help us achieve our goal to raise awareness and fund critical support
packages to be distributed across the UK and Uganda. These donations are enabling
emergency resources to reach vulnerable women and girls, including period products,
contraception, soaps and sanitizers, and tailored information to access critical support and
maintain wellbeing when it is most needed.

Join our amazing sisters below to provide solidarity and support for women and girls during
this difficult time! #SitUpForSisters.

Written by Irise Volunteer Carley.

Here’s Izzy and Olivia, our fantastic emergency appeal team members, joining in #SitUpForSisters !


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