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Lizzie and Josh raise funds and heartbeats for Irise

Meet Lizzie! Lizzie is a member of the Advocacy Committee at Irise International and has been volunteering with us for a couple of years. Lizzie, and her partner Josh, are taking their advocacy one step further in 2020 by partaking in Irise’s Empower Period Expedition fundraiser in Uganda this summer as part of Irise’s Empower Period Campaign.

The expedition will involve a 6-day hike up Weissman Peak in Western Uganda, also known as ‘the Mountains of the Moon’. After completing this adventurous challenge, Lizzie will then be attending our Empower Period Conference, where menstrual learning will be shared amongst other advocates, building international friendships and breaking silences, all within an effort to end period shame for everyone.

Irise believes no one should be held back by their period and that girls and women are entitled to feel shame free about their periods. Lizzie decided to partake within the Empower Period Expedition due to the “positive impact she has seen on women and girls across the UK and Uganda”, whilst volunteering for Irise.

The money that Lizzie raises will contribute towards menstrual education for girls, which will hugely benefit women all over the world. Part of the reason periods can be so oppressing is because they force girls to miss out if they do not have the means to manage menstruation. Lizzie’s fundraising contributes to these girls being able to access menstrual product, information and support meaning they can partake in normal everyday activities that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

In preparation for the Mountains of the Moon expedition, Lizzie and Josh have been walking every weekend and are taking part in the Isle of Wight challenge. Over the course of 24 hours, Lizzie and Josh will be walking 106km, which is equivalent to 2.5 marathons, back to back!

During a recent trip to Wales Lizzie described their 8 hour walk as the “muddiest walk ever”! Lizzie details the struggle on her Instagram page but highlights that what motivates her is that “period poverty is such a huge issue that is not spoken about enough”. Lizzie’s latest walk was 23.06km in Eastbourne and her hard work is paying off, with over £200 raised so far.

However, not all Lizzie and Josh’s training involves blood, sweat and tears… in their training in London Lizzie and Josh were rewarded with a Kebab at the end of the kebabchase walk.

Lizzie and Josh are doing amazingly well and we can’t wait to hear of their adventures in preparation for Mountains of the Moon!

Support Lizzie via her go fund me page for mountains on the moon.


Check out her Instagram: @Lizzieandjoshgowalking

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