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Introducing Irise’s Advocacy Coordinator


My name is Acushla and I am so excited to be taking on the role of Irise’s Advocacy Co-ordinator! I will be working on a two-year project funded by the Act for Change fund that envisions tackling period shame through youth leadership.

During my time at the University of Sheffield, I heard about Irise and the amazing work they do for girls and women in the UK and Uganda. I resonated strongly with Irise’s ethos and goals and so when faced with organising a placement as part of my Master’s program in 2019, Irise was the clear choice. Alongside planning my placement in Uganda with Irise, I began to participate within Irise’s organised fundraising events, such as hiking to the highest point in the peak district. I then went on to organise my own fundraising efforts, through blogging my trip in Uganda and designing and implementing a student ambassador fundraising program in a secondary school.

During my time in Uganda in the summer of 2019, I worked with the Irise Uganda team and produced an evaluative dissertation of Irise’s entrepreneurship scheme. Following the completion of my Master’s course, I was keen to sustain my involvement with Irise and so took the role of menstrual educator and evaluator within Irise’s ‘Dismantling Menstrual Stigma’ project in a school in South London. I was then involved within the completion of the Big Give Christmas campaign at the end of 2019 and represented Irise at the Act for Change conference.

I cannot wait to continue to develop and diversify Irise’s fast-growing advocacy network and further the already life-changing work being conducted by our supporters and volunteers.
Do feel free to email me if you would like to know about how to get involved with Irise’s fight to end period shame and create a world where no-one is held back by their period.

[email protected]

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