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Girl Talk

We asked some of the girls we work with in Uganda what has changed since Irise started working with their communities to end period poverty and shame.


“Before I feared that if they saw my blood, they would start abusing me, the whole school, so I used to tie my jumper around my waist and run to the toilets, where I’d stay, even if they’re studying when I’m there. When you experience menstruation, you should not miss lessons at school and you should not fear your friends.


“I learnt about how to protect myself, I learnt about how to keep myself clean, how do use the pads which they gave us, how to wash them, I learnt about how to behave in public… Before I was fearful I could not stay in friendship, I was fearful even coming to school, nowadays I am free, I go to school, I jump!


“At first I had fear, I would feel ashamed about menstruation but I learnt that menstruation is normal, so nowadays if I have a problem I can talk about it.”


​“You see for me when I was on menstruation I would not go to school, I was hurting myself when I was on menstruation, I did not want to be with my friends, I would sit alone, but since Irise came and taught us, I feel free, I be with my friends.

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